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Writing Workshops & Retreats - France, Italy, North Carolina


First Writeaway by the River

Mimi Herman

Break out the champagne--or at least the chilled peach champagne soup- for the latest in the Writeaways line-up. From September 2nd-11th, we wrote, workshopped, paddled the Pasquotank, and wined (but never whined) and dined on fabulous food at our brand new Writeaway by the River at the Whitehall. With a fabulous sun parlor for our workshops, comfortable nooks throughout the house,  and the river in our backyard, we had plenty of room for writing, reading and chatting with our fellow writers.

We also launched a new format: the Weekend Workshop by the River followed by the weeklong Writing Retreat by the River. Six fabulous writers joined us for the workshop, and most of them stayed into the week, using the inspiration from the weekend and the freedom of the retreat to take their writing to the next level. Two other writers, both beginning new projects, joined us during the retreat.


Dinners ran the gamut from the aforementioned chilled peach champagne soup with artichoke lemon risotto, salad and pot de creme for dessert to burgers on the grill and corn on the cob for our Labor Day cookout. With homemade apple pie for dessert, of course. And to work off that fabulous food, we took to the water, wandering the open water, the creeks and the canals of the Pasquotank in brightly colored kayaks.

We'll be back this spring: April 21-23 for the workshop and April 23-30 for the retreat. If there's enough interest, we might even consider two workshops that week, one the first weekend and one the second!

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