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Durham, NC 27701

Writing Workshops & Retreats - France, Italy, North Carolina


The Things They Said - And the People Who Said Them

Mimi Herman

Here are a few excerpts from writers who joined us in France this fall, along with their faces! We're grateful for their kind words, and the chance to share them here. To read more of what they've said and discover other Writeaways through the voices of writers who were there, go to



"If this isn’t every writer’s dream, it should be! John & Mimi are tireless in their full-time attention to our needs, literary & otherwise. They nudge and encourage and challenge and inspire--and frankly, spoil us rotten! Mille mercis!"




"Everything about the week conspired to clear the air for the writing process, from our hosts’ attention to detail to the immaculate dinners. This experience, being the first of my endeavors as a writer, will remain a milestone in the development of my voice."




"It has been a journey of discovery for me. I have learned so much about myself as a writer. Lastly, I cannot fail to mention the food. Ah, the food! Our chef, Anne, is a culinary marvel. Every night, delicious four-course meals. C’est magnifique! Thank you John and Mimi!"




"A few of my favorite things about Writeaways…No matter the composition of the group of writers, they are always supportive, eager to help even a novice writer, and bring out the best in each other’s writing. The chateau grounds are beautiful, the chateau old and quirky, but charming. It is possible to feel at peace, isolated from the cares of daily life. Did I mention that the chef is extraordinary?"


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