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Writing Workshops & Retreats - France, Italy, North Carolina


A Toast to the Writers of Chateau du Pin

Mimi Herman

Our final evening at the chateau began with champagne. 


A toast from Tobias heralded the delights to come: a reading of everyone's creative work by the fire.

We gathered by the fire to begin.

Then we held our collective breath as Tobias read the new beginning he'd created for his fantasy novel: a scene filled with drama and decision, as a newly captured slave prepared for another escape attempt.

In Joyce's carefully crafted poem, we contemplated why perfection might not be ideal.


Ginny took us on a romp from France to Texas with the indomitable Manfred the Mouse, in her newly completed children's book.

And Judy captivated us with invented scripture of an invented faith, and a look inside the mind of a young girl.

We sipped and read, read and listened, listened and applauded, until the time came to climb the stone stairs of the chateau, to dream of the great poetry and prose we'd write next.

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