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Durham, NC 27701

Writing Workshops & Retreats - France, Italy, North Carolina


On our way to France and Italy

Mimi Herman


On October 3rd, we'll begin our October Writeaways with a week at the Chateau du Pin in the Loire Valley of France! 

Imagine a week in a castle: fresh croissants from the boulangerie for breakfast, mornings spent writing and talking about what makes good writing, afternoon excursions to taste local wines, four-course dinners prepared by our fantastic Parisienne chef, Anne Villeday, and after-dinner drinks around the fire.  

Can you tell we're looking forward to it? 

From France, several of us will take this train to Italy (okay, maybe not this exact train, but one very much like it, with sleeper cars).

Il Poggione

Then, on October 12th, we'll begin our Writeaway in Tuscany, where Patrizia will cook classic Italian foods for us - breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Freshly-made tagliatelle, rolled out on the marble countertop, warm focaccia straight from the oven, and homemade tiramisu or brutti ma buoni for dessert with our limoncello. We'll even have a cooking and writing class, in which we'll find the perfect language to describe the exquisite food we're preparing.  In between writing, cooking and eating, Paolo will take us on excursions to explore the countryside and local towns. We can't wait!

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