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Durham, NC 27701

Writing retreat in the Loire Valley and Tuscany. Find yourself in France and Italy.


Sometimes writers just need to get away. 

That's why we've created Writeaways - writing getaways - to help you find the time you need to write. We provide writing instruction, fabulous food and company in beautiful places, and a safe place for you to take a writing vacation with your muse, and maybe a good friend. 

For any writer who has been in a writers' workshop, where fellow writers critique your work with the idea that “we know how to fix it,” this is not that workshop. In Writeaways, you'll get the support you've always needed as a writer - and be able to share that support with others.

Great experience. Great adventure. I HIGHLY recommend this writing workshop.
— Jean, Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Writeaways work for any level of writer. Maybe you've been writing for years, and could use some extra inspiration and support. Perhaps you used to write in your younger days, and miss that part of yourself.  Or maybe you've always wanted to write, but never found the right time.

Now's the time. 

Join us for our next Writeaway in Italy, September 16-23, 2016 or our Writeaway in France, September 25-October 2, 2016. 

We've held Writeaways in a 15th century French chateau, at a 500-year old Tuscan villa, in the lovely waterfront town of Beaufort, North Carolina, on Topsail Island and along the North Carolina Outer Banks.

Discover more about our adventures at Blogaways.

If you'd like to chat with us about possibilities for a custom-designed Writeaway for yourself and your friends, email us at


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